Thursday, 28 November 2013


So I started the final edit yesterday. I bribed myself to do this by linking it into my new blog about English GCSE. I've got a new to do list system so I used that to break down the epic task into tiny pieces, like: find document; open document; find editor's remarks, read same. You get the picture. It really helped! I'm doing another fairly big re-write/edit, so I need to pull apart the mid-section. This means a new plot sequence, which means back to Freytag's pyramid, but this time I'm not going to do it on paper, I'm doing it on Corel.

Then I decided I simply must write a textbook on Freytag's pyramid for my alternate blog, which involved a day of animation/drawing on Corel/Quicktime/iMovie:
Video is here.
Then finally, I managed to plot a new freytag's pyramid.