Monday, 7 March 2011


The best answer for why I write Sci-Fi is this:

I've watched so many science fiction TV shows over the years, the ideas all got mashed up in my brain. I took up writing as a hobby and one day all this sci-fi spewed out as the plotline for a seven book series.

About 99% of my science fiction knowledge comes from television. I won't say I was forced to watch these programmes, but I will say I wouldn't have watched them if I hadn't been married. I have watched:
99% of all episodes of Doctor Who ever made since 1963 (on DVD, not by travelling in time back to 1963), all of Battlestar Galactica including some of the 1970s version (again, DVD not time machine) and some very bad disco robots (see right), every episode of every series of Star Trek including the films and the cartoon series, all of Star Wars (obviously) and the Clone Wars, every episode of Babylon Five and all of Red Dwarf including the bizarre 2008 comeback.

I think it warped my brain.

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