Friday, 1 April 2011


Yes, I'm really finished (mostly).

I worked all day yesterday and the day before. One day I worked from nine am to midnight (not including biscuit breaks). It's done. Pages 58 to 82 no longer read like a three year old wrote them. Now they're more the level of a five year old (joke). The ending makes sense, and that's a big relief. When I started this book didn't even have an ending.

So I am actually, really, truly finished this time. Except all the characters talk the same. I'm going to deal with that one later. Either by going over every piece of dialogue with a fine-toothed comb and flinging in a few 'what ho, jonnys' and 'odd bodkins!' and 'lawks!' to add a bit of colour.

Or I might leave it alone and hope no one notices...

More about Life as a Writer...

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