Monday, 7 February 2011


I tell myself I don't need to describe my characters - then readers can imagine them however they want. A chunk of description would slow down the story. My husband tells me it's because I can't be bothered. I suppose if I can't be bothered to describe my characters then it's highly possible readers won't bother to imagine them. So today I spent some time improving my character descriptions.

I've got a thing for hair. More even than eye colour, I think the reader likes to know. Frank's hair is 'bushy' 'dust-brown'. Eris' is dark blonde and looks as though she 'ironed it'. Miss Minnis has hair like rusted wire wool and Mr Fairs doesn't have any. I'm particularly pleased with the Headmaster's hair. It's wiry, black, and it 'curled from his nose'.

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