Monday, 21 February 2011


Writing a novel is a big task (about 88,000 words big). It helps to be able to touch-type. It also helps to be able to find time each day to write. Some people aim to do 1,000 words each day. Others do much more. If you're writing after (or before) work, you might do 500 or simply write for half an hour.

There are two issues, I think.
- how much you write (wordcount)
- how often you write
I've tried writing every day. But I started to go a bit strange. Considering I was quite strange to begin with, I had to be careful about this. These days I write five days and take two days off. Writing every day of the week tends to send me mad.

If you have a deadline, however, you may feel differently. You might want to write every day and all night until your editor stops hitting you with a big stick.

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