Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Writing a novel is a daunting, terrible process. It's too big to think about without going mad. This is where the To Do List comes in handy.

I try to start small. Item one, 'write to do list' usually works well. I haven't even got that far today. I'm building myself up to writing my 'To Do List', warming up my fingers on the keyboard, as it were.

Often I find more exciting things to do. Like cleaning the fridge (which seemed infinitely more interesting yesterday morning than working on plot). Or taking the bins out, which I did just now. I used to have big problems getting motivated to do housework. Not any more.

So I'm just off to write my To Do List. I could have three items ticked off within minutes.
1. write blog
2. take bins out
3. write to do list

Then maybe I can clean the toilet while thinking about getting round to some work on character.

More Useful Structures for Writers...

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